What Bath Bombs are Safe?

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I love taking baths for multiple reasons!

  1. calming and stress relieving
  2. helps with sore muscles and provides a good environment for stretching
  3. warm water oxygenates blood(can kill bacteria and improve immunity)
  4. cleansing and moisturizing ~ add oils or bath bombs 🙂

What is an all natural Bath bomb?

Well my all natural bath bombs mean: real ingredients, no fake scents, no fake colorants, and real organic oils and butters.

What are the benefits?

  1. Moisturizes skin(Lianna’s Soap Bath bombs contain organic coconut oil)
  2. Essential oils can help with skin and also the mind(Lianna’s Soap uses different essential oils in each bath bomb)
  3. Lianna’s Soap bath bomb colorants are only made with natural ingredients such as lemon peel powder(yellow), spirulina(green), olive leaf powder(green), Rose clay & madderroot powder(pink).
    1. Lavender essential oil-calming, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
    2. Ylang ylang/lime- improves blood flow, mood enhancer, antiseptic

What is BAD about bath bombs?

Many bath bombs contain ingredients that are not natural and contain chemicals so be careful when reading the ingredients. A natural scent is classified as an essential oil not fragrance 

  1. Fake colorants
  2. Fake scents
  3. glitter

Visit Lianna Soap for safe bath bombs 🙂


All Natural Bath Bombs


All Natural Bath Bombs